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Funnel Builders of Oz was created when we saw so many small businesses unable to pay for essential digital marketing services as they were priced out of the reputable but expensive companies and then left with dodgy cheaper ones.

We provide affordable web design, branding, funnels and digital marketing services,

and we show you how they pay for themselves and truly are an investment.

We are results driven and will only deliver profitable services - guaranteed.

Meet The Team


Karen Crawford

Owner & Business Development

Enjoying the Mornington Peninsula as a base between travel, she is the mother of six kids and lots of pets. Her favourite hobbies include going on outdoor adventures, singing & movies. Her education spans in many forms from legal & hospital administration to a marketing certificate and small business management. Karen fell in love with online marketing as a way to have global reach 24/7 and the first online sale always feels special. She has always given back to the community and has even helped to build an independent Steiner School. A founding member of Alchemical Worx is her contribution to creating a powerful revolution towards freedom. On the weekends you can find her being active and moving her body and going outside after spending so much time on laptops during the week. She'll also mix it up by spending time with family and friends when she can, and the beach is her happy place.


Corey Duran

Website & Funnel Design, Email Marketing

Living on The Mornington Peninsula, he is the eldest with 2 sisters and 3 brothers. His favorite hobbies are reading, strategy games and handcrafted art. When he finished school, he started working in organic food retail and he eventually ran a small retail business of his own. He realized that wasn't for him and another opportunity came up to start working in the signage industry which he discovered he thoroughly enjoyed much more. He grew a passion for graphic design whilst working with signage and is now putting his skills to work online. He further developed his web design skills and has enjoyed improving those skills as there is always something new to learn. On the weekends you will find him spending time with friends and family and online gaming.


Grace Osborne

UK/EU Sales Manager & Customer Support

Grace is from the UK, where she is a mother to her wonderful son. Grace also shares her home with Chester, a spirited dog who is as much a part of the family as anyone. They enjoy spending quality time together exploring the outdoors and participating in community events. With a passion for self-improvement and spirituality, Grace spends her leisure time absorbed in books on personal development and finding peace through meditation. She believes in the transformative power of travel, considering it more than a hobby—it's a vital part of her journey of self-discovery. To stay grounded and healthy, she also makes time for regular workouts at the gym. In her professional life, Grace brings over 16 years of experience in e-commerce and more than a decade in business management, specializing in the retail sector and supporting the growth of small to medium startups. Beyond her business acumen, Grace is an Internationally Accredited Life Coach. She is dedicated to empowering individuals to realize their personal and professional ambitions, providing guidance and support to navigate the complexities of life and work with confidence and clarity.


Katherine Cunningham

AUS/NZ Business Strategist

Artisan Business Coach with a Bachelor of Business in Entrepreneurship. Here to help the artists and professionals to package their works and get them out into the world, so that we may all live doing the things we are here to do. With a background as a natural fertility and menstrual educator she has delivered her own projects in many different formats from digital products to live events and understands the use of multiple mediums. Building community wherever she goes, Katherine initiated the founding of Alchemical Worx, a Production House built by a workers co-operative. She has an adult daughter living in Scotland whom she has an excellent relationship with and on the weekends can be found with her partner or using her hands for one of the many different craft forms she excels at.


Linda Kivialho

UK/EU Business Strategist


Natalie Moss


Natalie is currently living in New South Wales and enjoying nature, the beach and a feline friend as much as possible. With an interest in contemplating consciousness and the human condition, Natalie extensively studied the Human Design model and is a Mentor to understand this complex art form. Speaking of art, music and singing have been an enormous part of her early adulthood and continue today. With a background in Ministry of Health Policy Writing combined with Songwriting she has become a master of the pen to help others share their messages. Having performed at the Sydney Opera House and TedX whilst also facilitating large health conferences, large events are also part of her career path. In her downtime she enjoys gardening, reading and pondering life.


Natalie Robinson

Branding Specialist

Natalie has a passion for empowering individuals to manage their own marketing processes by teaching the skills needed to DIY. She particularly loves building brands, and helping organisations develop meaningful and actionable marketing strategies. With around 25 years of experience in marketing, Natalie has helped all sorts of businesses achieve outstanding results, ranging from start-ups to multinationals and including both service and product marketing. She has won awards for her work, including an Australian Business Award for Brand Management, and was profiled by CMO Magazine Australia. Natalie has a love for learning, with qualifications in Applied Commerce (Marketing), Training and Assessment, Sustainable Living, Interior Design, and Science (Zoology). She is currently studying Western Herbalism. When she’s not busy with her work and studies, she is kept busy by her son, a myriad of craft projects, and volunteer roles with Scouts, her son’s school, and the local agricultural society.


Lizz Monahu

Administration & Customer Support


Leeanne Clarry

Administration & Customer Support

As a mother of 4 and grandmother to 10, Leanne is a Kiwi living in Brisbane and enjoying the great outdoors. Leeanne has quite an interesting career being the first female Uber driver in Brisbane, beautician and nail tech, customer service for Virgin Australia, a disability support worker and in sales and customer service for many years - even avoiding bankruptcy for a business she worked with for all the sales she helped them achieve in a short period. She is also an active volunteer for Victim Support and was head of flood relief efforts both in New Zealand. She is happy she has overcome the challenges of raising 4 sons alone and moving countries. On the weekend you'll find her travelling or crafting - she has a side hustle making t-shirts, cups, labels and all types of wonderful and unique pieces.


Austin Crawford

Graphic Design & Social Media

The youngest on the team, Austin brings innovation and creativity with new energy. He is skilled in graphic design and formatting social media as well as content for ebooks, online courses, websites, funnels and more. He is still learning and is open to take on each challenge as it arises. Living on the Mornington Peninsula he loves to play State League Volleyball and is a gamer in his spare time.

Funnel Builders of Oz ... Creation Story ... How It All Began

(written by Karen Crawford)

I was the idea generator in this business and it started back when I was having a hundred different ideas a day (it felt like) and I just wasn't sure how the best way to share them with the world was. I was taken by the digital nomad lifestyle when we took 6 months to travel around Australia in 2019, but I didn't have the skills to make it work ongoing. I was in a learning phase and taking course after course to learn about digital marketing and eventually after a few years landed in the Clickfunnels world.

I had completed the 'One Funnel Away' challenge more than once and was just never happy with what I had produced. It wasn't until Clickfunnels 2.0 was launched and myself and my Son, Corey both took the Funnel Builder Course and learnt more in depth about how funnels were created and more importantly why. We also saw that there was a lot of 'ra ra' in that particular group, a lot of short cuts to success and sometimes not a whole lot of depth or heart, instead NLP and manipulation.

I didn't want to be a part of that.

Nor did I want the clients I was working with to have to pay exorbitant monthly fees ongoing when they were in the initial startup phase of their business and their cashflow was low.

One day I came across Go Modern and got to work on understanding this platform without the fear of paying the next bill as it is more affordable and my preferred platform.

Now that I have experimented and tested to my hearts delight and worked with clients on a few different sites,

I feel confident on the 3 main platforms - Clickfunnels, Kajabi and Go Modern and have been able to teach the team how to use them too, to offer our clients wonderful websites to be proud of!

So why am I so in love with the digital world?

It's the only way to be able to connect with your ideal clients worldwide at any hour of the day. The ability to truly be able to share your gifts, starts online. It doesn't always stay online, there are some things like food, experiences and a good massage that are much better in person, yet the information and booking portion can easily start online.

My personal background started in Legal, then Medical and Hospital Administration before moving to the Education Department.

With a love of Natural Therapies, I was always studying them around work and raising children.

As a family we opened a Wellness Centre with organic food shop included and later had a small day spa boutique. Both times having a web presence and social media were helpful in getting the word out.

Nothing beats word of mouth referrals and reviews. Having them posted online, over time can have a massive effect on your potential new clients, especially when you are a service provider, people want to know it works before they try it.

After studying small business management and writing multiple business plans for myself, to start an Independent School and for Community Groups, it became a passion to see ideas turn into income.

Combining the background skills of Business Strategy with the technical skills of Building Websites I have a thorough working knowledge of the whole process from start to finish and love to take others through the process these days.

As the business has grown, we now have a beautiful team of wonderfully skilled professionals who help take you from the very beginnings of an online presence to having an easy to navigate website, which clearly leads potential customers to a sale, with follow up email marketing and customer relations as well as branded, engaged social media channels which all work together to inform any potential leads about who you are, what you offer and how you can help them achieve their own dreams, wants and needs.

And that is how Funnel Builders of Oz is who we are today, we want you to achieve your wildest dreams of consistent sales from your talents and skills as a service provider by improving your online presence.

Start the process by booking an Online Presence Assessment below, to see where you currently are and what needs a little improvement.

We look forward to taking you step-by-step to work through the journey together!

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