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Done For You Online Marketing Services

From the current state of where you are now, we will work out the direction you are heading and your goals, whilst keeping in mind your wonderful customers and how you can serve them the best. We will lay out a step-by-step action plan to follow which will automate your lead generation & sales process to save you time.

There is no 'magic formula' but there is a sequence to follow.

Don't let other people with less skills than you make more money simply because they know the processes necessary to succeed in the online world. Your clients deserve to be able to find you easily.


The Expression of Your Business

Some people think that a couple of colours and logo make up the Branding of a Business ... but it goes so much deeper than that.

Imagine for a moment that the Business is in fact a living entity and that the way it speaks, the way it looks, whether it has a smell (food especially), the way in which it interacts with customers and other businesses. When branding works is when all of these components are known by the owners and actively worked with rather than a mishmash of different personalities going out into the world.

Is Your Brand Personality message currently going out into the world intentionally or by accident?


Every Business Needs a Website. No Excuses.

It's almost like you don't exist if you are not online.

How you show up online is just as important as how you show up in person. Unfortunately, with some of the websites that businesses are currently using they are actually pushing their ideal customers away or making it really difficult to connect with links that don't work or a hard to navigate site.

The website can be the first point of contact for leads and we all know how important first impressions are.

If your business is ready for a high converting website makeover, then let's get started.


Online Customer Direction

When a potential customer arrives on your website, you want them to experience all that you have to offer in the form of information, but you also want them to be led towards a sale.

Your funnel - which is a page of your website - is an orchestrated place to build trust and relationship with content that connects to your leads, that either turns them into a customer or turns them away. It forces the decision-making process before they talk to you, so you only speak with qualified leads and works 24/7. We recommend having a combination of different funnels.

Take your website to the next level with funnels that weed out the maybes so that you save your time for the YES customers


Social Media & Email Marketing

Did you know that you can completely use free lead generation strategies with the combined power of social media and email marketing if you have the time to put into it. Don't be fooled that you need to spend lots of your money, especially in the initial stages of a business, just to get customers. When you are offering high quality services, word of mouth referrals are still a great way to grow, they've just matured into social media referrals and shoutouts.

Would you like to start attracting new customers into your business on a reliable and consistent basis with organic lead generation strategies and processes?


Social Media & Google Ads

For those who are time poor and have already tested their material organically, then you may be ready to move into the paid advertising sphere. When you are ready to fully automate your lead generation process and have a strong backend in place. If you need help with getting this in order, we are here to help. There are many different forms of advertising that can be used beyond facebook and google.

Learn the most effective way to reach your clients that reduces your overall advertising spend and increases your profit margins, and how to do this in a way that frees up your time.


Organic & Paid Lead Generation

Video can be used effectively in all forms of lead generation and sales. It's a wonderful way to be able to express yourself and show your human qualities or to share a particular skill or talent specific to your industry if you are happy to put your face on camera. Potential customers connect easier with videos because it is like being with you in person. It's also fine to use video in a presentation or advertisement style to get a bigger/longer message to your client.

Move into the moving digital world of videos and animations with us by your side. No need for big production crews, simple videos can be really effective and profitable.


Do It Yourself Online Business Program

Do you love the idea of everything you've seen above but not sure how to finance it since you are a new business just starting out?

At Funnel Builders of Oz we understand what it's like to need to 'bootstrap' your business, so we have a program that you can do self paced at minimal cost to get you up and running in no time.

We also offer a coaching option for those who require accountability to keep them on track because it's just so easy to get sidetracked in this day and age!

For those self motivated individuals who have the energy and time behind them who just want the pathway to follow.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald Castle of Digital Marketing Where Your Wish Is Our Command

There's No Place Like (your) Home (page)!

Who Are We - Meet The Team

Family Owned Business Started in Melbourne in Australia, now Servicing AUS, NZ, UK, EURO, USA & CAN.

Karen Crawford

Business Plans & Development, Social Media

Corey Duran

Website & Funnel Design, Email Marketing

Grace Osborne

UK/EU Administration

Linda Kivialho

UK/EU Business Strategist

Lizz Monahu

AU/NZ Administration

Natalie Robinson


Katherine Cunningham

AUS/NZ Business Strategist

Austin Crawford

Digital Design & Formatting

Natalie Moss


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Funnel Building Secrets

For a long time Clickfunnels had the upper hand in the funnel market and did so by sharing all of their 'secrets' with the world. What if the biggest secrets were overlooked in favour of lots of rah rah super pumped motivation heroes - explore a better way to connect!

Who is My Target Audience?

If you don't know who you are selling to, you just made your job a hundred times harder. If you made your niche super small, you also made your job harder. Find the perfect balance to attract in your ideal clients in a consistent flow to help you serve them easily.

How To Make the Most of Digital Automation

Learn how to make your life easier by utilising automation for repetitive tasks so that you no longer feel chained to your desktop.

Improve Web Design To Attract More Customers

With constantly changing social media platforms, it's important to have your own website to engage with customer in the long term.

Convert Seekers into Sales

Learn About Digital Automation Pathways that act as an online salesperson to support your potential customers to make the right purchase to suit their needs.

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